Friday, 8 February 2013

How to Make the Most Out of Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms are common; in fact, we've all probably lived in a house that has had at least one small bedroom in it. The smallest bedroom in the home is often referred to as the “box” room and is often used for storage. However, if designed carefully, even the smallest bedrooms can be effective and useful.

What sort of bedroom will it be? A standard bedroom, perhaps, like all the others, a nursery room or even a spare bedroom that might double up as an office when empty?

Furniture and the layout of it, is the key element in making sure each room reaches its maximum potential.

Spare room – The first thing on your list of “must haves” for this room is a sofa bed. This immediately gives you the option of dressing it as bedroom (bed) or dual purpose room (sofa). Sofa beds are currently very popular and there are many designs, so choosing something that suits the room perfectly will be easy.

When selecting colours, make sure they are light or at least neutral. Lighter colours will help give the room a sense of size, while neutral colours will allow much more flexibility in your design.

Although curtains can often make a room feel cosy, they can also make small rooms feel even smaller. So, as you are trying to create a feeling of space, you could opt for some simple wooden blinds and a small drape, giving a much more airy feel.

Wardrobes with sliding doors will provide many of the answers to your storage questions and with doors opening from side to side, rather than outwards, this can be a great way of saving space.

Choose a bedside table that can be used both for your night light and storage with a few drawers in it.
If the room is going to be an office first and a bedroom second, then instead of the wardrobes, here you could opt for some small pieces of office furniture and equipment.

A nursery room – The beauty of nursery furniture is that by its nature it’s much smaller and is therefore suited to smaller rooms. A cot that doubles up as a small bed will be long lasting and won’t take up as much room as a standard single bed.

You can use a chest of drawers for a nappy changing area, with a changing mat placed on the top. A few well situated shelves can store important items such as wipes, powders etc. Baskets under the bed can be an ideal home for toys.

Nursery designs are of course varied and often childlike, but it’s still important to keep colours light and airy.

A standard bedroom – The same rules apply for a straightforward small bedroom. Keep beds small or have them built in (with storage space underneath), fitted wardrobes and furniture that is generally light in nature to go hand in hand with a light colour scheme.

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