Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Top Tips for Building Your Own Wardrobes

If you are willing to take the job on, then building your own wardrobes could save you some money in the long term, especially if you are thinking about buying new wardrobes. It might seem like a daunting task but taken one step at a time, some basic DIY skills should see you through the job comfortably.

Let’s just take a step by step look at the basics as you consider the pros and cons of building your own wardrobe.

Planning – What sort of wardrobe are you hoping to end up with? Are you looking for something that just has lots of hanging rails or are you hoping to incorporate drawers and shelves too? It’s a good idea to get a pencil and paper and try to sketch out what you are hoping to achieve. Will you be storing lots of hats and shoes in the wardrobe? If so, it’s worth considering a shelf unit above the hanging rails, where all the relevant bits and pieces can be stored.

Measuring – You won’t really get very far without some accurate measurements and every aspect of your wardrobe, from the various interior components (shelves, rails etc.) , the doors and the overall structure itself needs to be carefully measured out and matched up with the measurements you have made in your bedroom.

Materials – Before you spend a fortune at your local DIY superstore, it might be worth looking around the home for materials, to see if you can recycle. If you are replacing your existing wardrobes, before you throw them into the skip, it’s worth checking to see if you can scavenge any of the materials from the carcass. There might be shelving, rails or other bits of wood you can use to get you started, as well as saving you a pretty penny. If you don’t have enough in the budget for sliding doors but still want to save on opening space, you could feasibly just put some curtains on the front!

Construction Ideas – Wardrobes are often large and heavy and even individual components can be awkward to hold in place at the same time as using tools. So, it’s always a good idea to have another person with you, even if it’s just to hold things or to pass you materials. Ensure all of your tools are in good working order and safe to use. Small knocks and bangs are sometimes inevitable during DIY jobs, but serious injuries are avoidable.

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