Thursday, 21 February 2013

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas Including Sliding Wardrobes

Creating an attic bedroom is becoming more and more popular and not simply because an extra room is needed. Attic rooms are now being converted into master bedrooms with their own en suite facilities and features.

If you are lucky enough to have the available space to do just that, then here are a few ideas to enhance all of the attic’s best features.

It’s quite likely that most of the walls will have been plastered in order to bring out a more homely, warm feel. However, if you are able to leave one wall exposed with its “brick” textures, this is a really easy way of creating a feature wall as well as adding some character and charm. If you can use this particular wall to frame the headboard of your bed, then even better!

Your choice of colours will be important as many attics, by nature, can feel bare and barren. You could use a cream colour for the wall opposite the brick feature and you could perhaps mix it up with plum coloured side walls, blending the warmth with a modern edge.

It’s not always the case, but many attics possess those wonderful ceiling beams and if they have been left exposed, you can really make the most of them. Create a lovely contrast by painting the ceiling white or cream and leaving the beams exposed in their natural “wooden” state.

Although natural wooden floors are really popular in the attic, they do pose a few problems, namely a lack of warmth and the sound of shoes or heels for any rooms or neighbours on the floor below you. Carpets can solve both of these problems and choosing something neutral coloured will give it real lifespan even if you need to redecorate. If you do choose to keep the wooden flooring exposed, then at least soften it up with some thick rugs.

When introducing furniture, try a metal/brass bed frame which will again help with that contrast of beams and bricks. Dress it with a patchwork quilt to add pattern and the introduction of a few plum scatter cushions will lend a modern element to the overall appearance.

When it comes to the bedside cupboards, dressing tables and wardrobe, a natural wood finish with metal handles would certainly complement.

On the subject of wardrobes, it can not only be very difficult to actually get them into the attic room but you then have the additional problem of fitting them into the difficult angles and sloping ceilings. Using made to measure sliding wardrobe doors can certainly help to solve this problem. Not only do they fit into your available space but they can also be assembled on site, so no problems getting them up there.

To round everything off, try using curtains that are light in colour as many attic windows tend to be small and you want as much light coming through as possible. Accessorise with some stylish lamps, vases, mirrors and even some fresh flowers to help create a feeling of airiness. 

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