Sunday, 21 April 2013

Creating a Calm Master Bedroom in a Busy Home

If we are working and have a family too, then “calm” isn’t a word most of us would use to describe our homes! Juggling responsibilities is often just part of a hectic and busy lifestyle and escaping from it can be difficult. The master bedroom should offer some brief respite from the hurly burly but too often, this room is overcrowded, with piled clothes either ready for washing or ironing and the kids running in and out at a hundred miles an hour. However, there are things we can do to the decor of this room to at least encourage a little more tranquillity and peace.

With a bit of determination and a little creativity, especially when it comes to the bedroom furniture, there are lots of ways in which you can make positive changes. If you can find the time, the best place to start is by having a thorough “sort out”. If that means ruthlessly throwing away some of the clutter, then so be it.

The walls often dominate a room, so they are a good place to begin your overhaul. Choose a colour – a warm grey tone will work well. At the time of writing, it’s a hugely popular colour, so it will be up to date. It’s also a tone that has a calming effect; it’s interesting without assaulting the senses.

Your flooring should be kept as simple as possible, so if you are fortunate enough to have a room with natural floorboards, these can be painted in soft white tones. This will make it feel clean and fresh as well as contemporary. If you have to go with carpet, keep the colours neutral. To add a little texture if you have gone down the floorboard route, you could try a sheepskin rug.

If you have decided to keep your existing bed, there are still ways you can give it a facelift. You could paint the frame in a deeper shade of grey than the walls or you could make a new headboard using wadding and MDF. Cover it with a fabric – again in that tone of grey. You could also make the headboard extra large which will help to give it an extra luxurious touch.

Bedding itself should be kept simple. White always works, especially if you accessorise cleverly. A stylish tartan blanket as a runner will pull the scheme together if the colours are chosen carefully.

The window areas can also play a part in promoting a peaceful atmosphere. Use some white voile and perhaps some striped curtains – again picking out the main theme colours.

Your furniture might also need an overhaul, especially if one of the main problems is cluttering. Teak coloured furniture will not only provide contrast to the grey walls but also set them off beautifully. Furniture is often big and bulky and takes up most of your space, so why not consider installing sliding wardrobe doors which are excellent for creating effective, streamlined storage. Having them made to measure means they will fit perfectly into any available space. No longer will you need to have all the laundry on display. Choose a wardrobe style that suits your new decor and if you want to create the feeling of a bit more light, then choose something with a mirrored finish.

Hopefully, when you pull all the elements together, the result will be a much nicer, calmer room to be in!

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